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Baka Micro has been offering consultation for Mac and Apple computer repair to the Ithaca and surrounding areas for over 30 years and are the local experts when it comes to the following services:


Apple Repair Services

We can handle just about any type of repairs for Mac. Listed below are some noteworthy services. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • MacBook Repair, iMac repair
  • iMac and MacBook Screen Replacements
  • Logic board replacement
  • Hard drive replacement and upgrades
  • Memory/RAM replacement and upgrades
  • Setting up and configuration of Wireless Network and Devices
  • Setting up and configuration of iPads and iPhones




Apple Consulting Services

  • Integration and management of Apple computers with PC networks and Windows servers
  • Office 365 for Apple
  • Apple Servers and workstation support
  • Adobe Creative Suite Suite installation, management and troubleshooting
  • Font management
  • File Storage solutions:
  • Mac-accessible file server sharing
  • Backup - Don't lose your important assets!
  • Disaster Recovery